Startup Partner Program

What is it?

The JWellsCFO Startup Partner Program puts you in control of your business finances, allowing you to keep a pulse on your early-stage finances, plan for growth, and manage cash in your business.

You get periodic video calls to review your progress and make strategic decisions to boost your company's bottom line. We also review your accounting system to ensure your business runs a tight financial ship. All this comes at a flat monthly or annual rate that fits your budget.

You get peace of mind from having a CFO partner with you on ways to create more profit in your business without the expense of a full-time executive employee or giving up any equity.

Quarterly video calls

You get quarterly video calls with me, a CPA experienced in advising businesses and their owners. We review KPIs together, avoiding problems and finding solutions. As a result, you go from reacting to your business's finances to proactively managing profitability and cash flow.

Quarterly accounting review

Once each quarter, we will dive into the transaction-level data that go into your financial statements and ensure everything is categorized correctly. This gives you an external review of your bookkeeper's work every quarter to ensure you have accurate financial reports and tax returns. If you already work with a bookkeeper, we don't compete with that service; instead, we enhance their work and optimize the reports and insights you get.

We will also review the underlying systems and data in the accounting system. We will find ways to optimize your financial tech stack to ensure you have practical applications and processes to collect payments, record expenses, pay staff, and manage your company's operations.

Tax return preparation and filing

We assist you in your legal obligation to file an annual personal tax return and an annual business tax return.


Communication forms the foundation of any successful professional relationship; therefore, we encourage you to communicate with us freely regarding any tax, business, and financial matters. You enjoy unlimited email communication with Firm staff regarding tax, business, and financial matters.


We will represent you before the IRS, state, and local tax agencies on correspondence audits and for penalty relief of less than $10,000. We respond to correspondence with tax agencies on your behalf.

Customer Testimonials

I don't have to spend time thinking about taxes or accounting. Jeremy frees up my time to develop my business & side projects.

Anthony Broussard

Quantum Productions LLC

Business and personal returns already complete. Jeremy is on it. He has made my business life less stressful. I count on him, and he gets it done.

Julie Payton

Julie Payton Inc

Jeremy helped me understand my taxes. Before I worked with him, I was paying thousands more in taxes than I should have.

Kyle Gunby

Pixel Mind LLC