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Helping knowledge workers build sellable, tax efficient businesses. Get financial peace of mind for yourself and your business.

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We can help if...

If your last tax return caught you off guard, if you find yourself questioning your business finances, or if you're eager to elevate your enterprise but aren't sure how, JWellsCFO is for you. We offer more than just annual tax returns; we provide clarity and strategy for independent knowledge workers overwhelmed by the labyrinth of tax information.

Startup Partner Program

The JWellsCFO Startup Partner Program puts you in control of your business finances, allowing you to keep a pulse on your early-stage finances, plan for growth, and manage cash in your business.

Full access for flat monthly or annual fee, no hidden costs

Get a quick response and clear answers from a trusted source

Have an expert advising you on your business and tax strategies

Communicate on your own schedule through emails and Zoom calls

Have access to an advisor to help with big decisions throughout the year

Less stress, less uncertainty, more control, availability to focus on your business

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Customer Testimonials

I don't have to spend time thinking about taxes or accounting. Jeremy frees up my time to develop my business & side projects.

Anthony Broussard

Quantum Productions LLC

Business and personal returns already complete. Jeremy is on it. He has made my business life less stressful. I count on him, and he gets it done.

Julie Payton

Julie Payton Inc

Jeremy helped me understand my taxes. Before I worked with him, I was paying thousands more in taxes than I should have.

Kyle Gunby

Pixel Mind LLC


About Jeremy Wells

After spending a decade teaching Political Science, encouraging students to pursue their dreams, I realized I wasn’t pursuing mine.

My wife, our newborn daughter, and I took a leap of faith: I quit my job, we flew across the country, and we started a new life. Over the next few years, I earned my Enrolled Agent and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licenses while learning from a great mentor and advisor. Taking that leap was the best decision we ever made.

Seeking independence, I set out to build my own business and path to financial peace. Now I empower other entrepreneurs to build their businesses to achieve their dreams.

Who We Help

You're in good hands. We help a wide variety of industries and can most certainly help yours too!

  • Advertising agencies

  • Marketing agencies

  • Web design agencies

  • Law firms

  • Real estate brokerages


My Content Hub



The JWellsCFO Show is your go-to podcast for mastering solo business ownership's financial and tax intricacies, particularly in knowledge-based professions. Tune in for impactful 30 to 60-minute episodes that will help you navigate the dollars and cents of running a business.

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Tailored for solo business owners, these 3 to 5-minute reads focus on actionable insights to improve your business, with just a light sprinkle of tax wisdom and absolutely no jargon.



@JWellsCFO on Twitter is where the conversation really happens. Tailored for solo entrepreneurs, this is your space for casual yet insightful dialogues on business finance and beyond.

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The JWellsCFO YouTube channel distills complex tax and business topics into digestible 90 to 120-second clips. Ideal for small business owners seeking clarity on tax deductions, S corporations, and more.

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