Financial peace for modern business owners
JWellsCFO helps solopreneurs build businesses by handling taxes, payroll, and bookkeeping.
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Peace of Mind
Running a business is hard. JWellsCFO makes it easier.

You started your business to help your customers and make a better life for yourself. But now you're spending more time each month doing bookkeeping, running payroll, and stressing about taxes. You wanted a better life, and you deserve financial peace of mind. With outsourced accounting, you stay focused on what truly matters.

Hi, I'm Jeremy Wells, CPA.

I own JWellsCFO, an accounting firm that specializes in helping owners of online businesses maximize their tax savings and build better businesses.

I spent a decade in higher education encouraging students to pursue their true dreams but soon realized I wasn’t pursuing mine. I set out to create my own path to independence. Now I help entrepreneurs manage their businesses, achieve financial peace, and pursue the lifestyle they desire.

From building interactive spreadsheets to implementing advanced tax strategies, I help ease your burden of running a business. We work together throughout the year to identify and resolve issues preventing you from running the best business you can and living the best life you want.

How I help you

You get real, consistent tax savings.

Every business owner, including me, wants to save on taxes; unfortunately, I can’t wave a magic wand and make your tax bill disappear. I can help you minimize and manage your tax liability through a proven system. I track your income and deductible expenses, project your tax liability, and recommend estimated tax payments. It’s up to you to hand over the money, but you know what to expect. You don’t get any more shocks during tax time, beg and plead with your accountant, then wind up paying way more than you expected. That proactive gives you the opportunity to set money aside and me the opportunity to strategize how to lower that tax bill.

You build a better business.

A funny thing happens when you structure your business to maximize tax savings: you also build a better business. The system and processes we put in place for your business not only maximize your tax savings, they also give you the tools and information you need to manage your business better. You manage your business like a CEO rather than let your business run roughshod over your life. You get in control of your business, your money, and your life. You decide when to work and when to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You get the answers you need.

You know you’re paying more in taxes than you should, but the advice you get doesn’t make sense:

You need answers about your business and taxes from a professional who understands your questions and answers them. Whether it’s email, text, or a video call, I make time for you and your business.

I run your back office so you can keep selling.

As you grow and scale your business, the administrative demands increase. Bookkeeping, cash flow analysis, financial forecasts, payroll, and tax projections can overwhelm even seasoned owners. I handle all the financial work for you. You don’t need to be learning bookkeeping software or guessing how much to send to the IRS this quarter. You need to be selling and making money so you can provide for yourself and your family.

I specialize in helping clients maximize tax savings and build better businesses.

Business owners can rack up substantial tax bills due to self-employment tax. I help them reduce the tax burden and manage their business and personal finances better with a feature of the US tax code called the S corporation. Although it’s a common tax-saving strategy for entrepreneurs, JWellsCFO’s process eliminates the hassle for clients by automating the process to form and maintain an S corporation.

Grow your business. I'll crunch the numbers.
Stay out of the back office and in front of customers. If you're tired of doing your own bookkeeping and payroll or worried about taxes, schedule a call with your new CFO.
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